Our Story

Match.com. Yup, that’s where it all started. I had been dating for awhile and, sure, I found a few that caught my interest but never much more than that. I had a few weirdos, oh boy. Grant and I have some laughs over a few of those now. Was I hoping to find someone? Sure. But I think in the back of my mind I figured it would only just be a new experience (online dating that is) that wouldn’t go any further than just dating. My account was actually about to end. I wasn’t going on as many dates and I was just more interested in hanging out with my dogs and doing my own thing. I was enjoying my single, mid-twenties.

Then, I ran across this guy’s account. He was a K-State alumni. He was outdoorsy, and oh so cute. He was also the first and only guy I instigated a conversation with. All the others had sent me a message first.

We soon went on our first date. It was good. He was nice and cute. I was surprisingly nervous. We talked – actually to be honest, Grant did most of the talking on the first date. It was short and sweet. After that we texted and talked all the time. He soon asked me on a second date…

A walk with Lola, my new puppy, was the second date.

Our third and most memorable date! I can remember him picking me up at my door and what he was wearing. I never thought I had a type till I saw him that day. He drove around all over my apartment complex looking for where I lived. I remember walking out and I still remember what I wore. I could hardly look him in the eyes. He felt too good to be true. If I close my eyes and think about it, I can still smell his cologne and the air freshener in his truck.

He took me out for Thai. If you know me, you know what Thai means to me. He still did most of the talking. Gosh, that makes me smile and laugh. I was nervous. I thought this guy was unbelievable and it couldn’t be true. We went next door after dinner and we danced and laughed the rest of the night.

From there on, we didn’t stop talking. I never thought I’d cry for someone to ask me to be theirs. When he got on one knee, I bawled and thanked him repeatedly for choosing me.

I can’t wait for the day to marry this man. I cry thinking about it. How did I ever get so lucky?


5 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Ummm…I’m seriously choked up lovely girl ❀ What a great start and story!! (Kind of reminds me of a similar guy!) Love you and look soo forward to sharing your special day! xoxo

  2. When I met Grant yesterday, I was VERY impressed. You both did a great job choosing your mate. You two are definitely that puzzle that God made and put together perfectly! You compliment each other. I know your life together will be amazing, Just remember, it won’t be perfect, but you can work through all things when your life is in God’s hands.

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